Agencia española de protección de datos


The Spanish Agency of data protection has the function to ensure compliance with legislation and control their application, and for this, it has the power to inspect and punish violations that found. If you have evidence or clues who can prove that an event may entail a breach of the organic law of data protection (MAY) you have the possibility to file a complaint being aware of this agency the existence of these events.

The complaint must contain the following elements: name and surname of the person and, in its case, the person who represent him, as well as the identification of the preferred form or place brought to effects of notifications; facts, reasons and request that clearly the application; date and place; signature of the applicant or accreditation of the authenticity of its willingness by any means; identification of alleged perpetrators; and all those documents or any other type of evidence or indication that would corroborate the allegations.

If you wish to file a complaint with the agency, you can do so in the Electronic headquarters.