Agencia española de protección de datos

Right of access

The right of access is one of the rights that the organic law on the protection of personal data (LOPD) recognizes the citizens for which the citizen can control for themselves the use of their personal data, and in particular the right to obtain information on whether they are being processed and, where appropriate, the purpose thereof, as well as available information about the origin of these data and communications undertaken or planned.

Its realization is personalísimo, so only may apply the person concerned, who should address the firm or public body of which it knows or has assumed that their data, choosing to visualize it directly in screen or obtain them through writing, copying, photocopy or any other system appropriate to the type of file concerned.

Responsible for the file must decide on the request within one month of receipt of the request. So too should the though not the data concerned. If after expiry of that period, the request has not been addressed properly, the applicant may apply to the agency with a copy of the request and the response received (if any), so that this in turn address the office designated with the objective of realizing this right.

The right of access may not be exercised at intervals of less than 12 months, except that a legitimate interest.

Remember that can only access to information alleged if it is information on their personal data, but not of information from third parties. And also that, before approaching this agency, shall do so before the company or body responsible / holder in the file are data.

Models for the exercise of the right of access (reported steady)

- Exercise before responsible for the file

- Application AEPD tutela before the

- Instructions for the completion of forms