Agencia española de protección de datos

Security notice

The Spanish Agency of data protection (AEPD) exclusively holds websites specified in Legal Notice. When using electronic services offered by the AEPD check that the command associated with the website that has been connected coincides with one of those specified.

The services offered by the AEPD in no case entail or involve compensation.

In any event AEPD officials claim, telephone, face-to-face or electronic funds no amount for the provision of services or the commission of an alleged infringement.

The precise information for penalty payments detailed in the decision of the Director of the agency, which contains an electronic signature recognized and the corresponding code verification Insurance (CSV), in accordance with the law 59 / 2003, of 19 december, electronic signatures.

Accreditation AEPD officials

Officers operating representing the always AEPD testifies his identity through a crew identification card of official. For the conduct of proceedings of inspection shall present document is mandatory for the authorisation electronically signed by the Director of the AEPD, the identity of the authorised officials and the identity of the inspected. Its authenticity can be corroborated by Electronic headquarters (https: / /, through CSV included in the document.

Fraudulent behaviour supplanting AEPD identity

The AEPD it has informed the competent authorities conduct that fraudulent people, who say act on behalf of the offer, AEPD, witnessing or by telephone services for remuneration, to facilitate the implementation of the obligations imposed by the rules of data protection.

The AEPD further reports certain attempts at deception via the Internet, which consist of require the payment of a possible punishment or offer in behalf of the services for remuneration AEPD to facilitate compliance with the obligations imposed by the rules of data protection. These include fraudulent sending messages electronically (sms or mail) or use of malicious software (malware), using the image of the AEPD and information from its portal.

Citizen collaboration

Since the AEPD we want to prevent this type of behaviour, to what is being called for the cooperation of the suspect citizens, and telephone communicate the citizen in the numbers: 901 100 099, 912 663 517.

Navigation councils

Check that the server to which connects is located on the correct domain (example: “ ”) even when used links stored in “ ”. Favourite

Do not use website addresses (URL) or links received by electronic messaging (e-mail, sms, etc.) that demand management make any personal data.

Teclee directly addresses of the websites to which it wishes to be connected.