Agencia española de protección de datos

Consultation of files Registered

La información está actualizada a las siguientes fechas:


- Ficheros de Titularidad Pública:  16/03/2018

- Ficheros de Titularidad Privada: 16/03/2018

The purpose of this section is to disseminate and publicize the existence of files containing personal data entered in the RGPD. information is updated daily, so that the files will appear on the day following their registration in the General data protection.

The right of consultation to registration, regulated in article 14 of the LOPD empowers any person to know, public way and free, the existence of processing of personal data, its purposes and the identity of the responsible for the file.

By decision of 1 september 2006, as amended by resolution of 3 november 2008, the spanish agency of data protection, determining the information contained in the catalogue of registered files at the General registry of data protection, it adopted the publication of the new catalogue of the files with personal data entered in the register General data protection, which will be available free of charge on the website of the spanish agency of data protection, with day-to-day updating, and whose aim is to facilitate the citizen the exercise of rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition regulated in articles 14 to 16 of the LOPD.

The information to be made public in this catalogue correspond to the information that the person in the file has now notified the General Registry of data protection in the following paragraphs: Responsible for the file, service or to the unit which can be brought the rights of opposition, access, rectification and deletion, identification and purpose and intended uses in the file, origin and origin of the data, including the collective of people on the derived personal data, data types, structure and organization of the file and, where appropriate, the recipients of divestments and / or international transfers of data. Furthermore, in the case of files of public ownership, shall be published data relating to the general provision of establishment, modification or deletion of the file.

Personal data included in this catalogue cannot be processed, nor be used for different purposes of such publication.

Reproduction is prohibited. total or partial, even turned the contents of the catalogue to a backing, without express authorization of the spanish agency for data protection.

In no case may take the presence or absence in this regard as positive or negative certification of a registration in the General data protection.