Agencia española de protección de datos

The European authorities of data protection approved several guidelines on the application of the rules

The guidelines adopted relate to the right to portability, the figure of the delegate of data protection and criteria of identification of the 'authority' leader

The AEPD develops a decalogue with practical tips of privacy and security in connected devices

The Spanish Agency of data protection has developed an essential listing keys to take into account in devices with internet connection.

The AEPD launches a new section web in blog format to disseminate data protection practically

The goal is to enhance the dissemination of the fundamental right to data protection of practical way for both the citizen as for entities seeking data

The European regulation of data protection and awareness among citizens and entities focus the proceedings of the AEPD in 2017

The AEPD has submitted the balance of the first year of its strategic Plan and lines of priority for 2017, including new avenues and materials to inform citizens of their rights, as well as simple tools for that entities obliged to comply with the new legislation.

The AEPD and INCIBE presented the 'Guide of privacy and security in internet'’ with tips and practical recommendations to the citizen

The publication, which includes 18 tiles that analyze and offer solutions to the most common problems that can arise in a world hiperconectado, is complemented with six video tutorials that shows how to access the configurations of privacy and security of some of the most popular services on the internet.

AEPD the investigation proceedings by data communication among Whatsapp and Facebook

The pre-trial review investigation if the communications of personal data undertaken between Whatsapp and Facebook, and treatment generates this communication, respect the spanish legislation on data protection.

The Spanish Agency of data protection renews its list of frequently asked questions

The catalogue includes more than 200 consultations raised by citizens and responsible and incorporates new sections that address matters such as the right to oblivion, transparency and data protection or the processing of data in the workplace.

Statement of the working group of Article 29 on the decision of the European Commission of the HAT on the shield of privacy UE- EEUU

The Authorities valued the improvements but maintains its concern regarding the commercial aspects of the agreement and access by public authorities to EEUU to data transferred from the HAT.

Exercise of the right of opposition to the publication of personal data in selective processes of public employees

AEPD the supports a request of a candidate to requests that the lists just published its number of NIC but not linked to your name and the last name

Practical implications of the General regulation of data protection for entities in the transition period

The Agency recommended that organizations that go adapt its processes, as the new legislation is a different management of which has been in use.

Catalá: “ "The challenge of the Regulation should not make us forget the new opportunities offered by" ”

The minister of justice in office has opened the 8th meeting of the Annual AEPD, which has been consolidated as a point of meeting with representatives of entities, employers and data protection.

The AEPD delivery awards' ‘ communication data protection ? ’ to 2015 the EFE agency and the country

The jury prize ex aequo to Violeta Molina and Amaya Quincoces by the dissemination of data protection through its articles in EFE future and consolation prize conferred to Ángel Luis Sucasas by their reports in the country and

Undue insertion in files delinquencies and irregular recruitment key complaints, raised before the AEPD

The Agency has published his memory for 2015, has an increase of 15,70% in the number of complaints and claims resolved. The sectors most sanctioned in 2015 have been telecommunications, financial institutions, and supply and marketing of energy and water,

AEPD the Clan and encourage good use of the internet and social networks among youth

The characters ? Big Band Clan conceited countries' a digital education campaign which has worked the spanish agency of data protection, which includes videos promoting the value of privacy.

AEPD convenes the prizes protection of personal data 2016 in categories communications and inquiry

The awards recognize those as involving an important input to the dissemination of this fundamental right.

Regulation of data protection in 12 questions

The General Regulation of data protection has entered into force on 25 may 2016. The AEPD has drafted this document simplified answer back response follows the format, in order to facilitate understanding of the new regulatory framework to citizens and help organizations to adapt to changes that incorporates and fulfill their obligations.

The next 29 june welcomes the 8th Annual Meeting open from the spanish agency data protection

The Spanish Agency of data protection (AEPD) held next 29 june Annual the 8th meeting open, an event that will analyze salient topics related to this fundamental right in the last year.

The day of the internet spends its twelfth edition to privacy and data protection

On 17 may marks the Internet dayan anniversary, that this year revolves around the importance of privacy and data protection in the world online.

How to deal with an identity theft in telecommunication services

For world consumer, that tomorrow, the spanish agency of data protection and the council of consumers' and users recall the basic steps that it must follow a citizen who has been the victim of a identity theft in the recruitment of telecommunications.

The day of the internet spends its twelfth edition to privacy and data protection

The next 17 may this date marks with various activities intended to promote awareness of citizens and the need for those responsible for new businesses and services attempt personal information properly.

The European Commission and the us announced an agreement for the conduct of international transfers of data

With the aim of providing information on those responsible to transfer data to us, the Data AEPD reported that the european commission has announced a new framework for the realization of the same (see note commission press -EN-).

AEPD the presents two new educational guides to avoid committing or be a victim of criminal behaviour on the internet

Sheets in addition, the agency offers a specific service for communicating with the more than 8 million students enrolled, parents and teachers, and advise them on privacy and data protection.

AEPD the awards the ‘ 'communication data protection to 2015 ? ’ the EFE agency and the daily The Country

These awards, which this year reach their 19th edition shall be delivered within the framework of the eighth Annual Meeting of the spanish agency for data protection.

The AEPD informed the group of european authorities of data protection of progress in regard to the privacy policy of Google

The Agency has established that Google has introduced significant changes in the field of information, consent and exercise of rights, areas to which the AEPD i required to make changes. The company has committed itself to adopting additional measures specifically requested by the agency and to maintain a constant dialogue.