Agencia española de protección de datos


International Conferences began to be held in Bonn in 1979. Its aim is to meet annually not only to the various supervisory authorities of data protection and privacy of the whole world, but also representatives of the private sector and civil society. The organisation is supervised by a host authority, which is designated, of nominations submitted, in the previous edition.

The Conference is not an international organisation, but a meeting point, exchange and discussion. However, with the passage of time and in parallel to the growth in the number of its members, has been establishing a structure to provide it with greater stability and to ensure the continuity of work in the periods between annual meetings. This effort of institutionalization led to the revision of the regulations and procedures of the conference in editing held in mexico city in 2011. This revision is updated the criteria in order to qualify as a full member or observer status to the conference and an executive committee, in charge of managing the conference and represent it. The Executive Committee also reviews applications for accession of new members or observers, by making a proposal which must be adopted by the Meeting Closed.

Has also evolved their format. Today, and also from what was agreed in Mexico city, the centre of gravity of the conference is its Closed Session, attended only by the authorities of data protection and privacy. Along with this sitting that traditionally lasts for a day and a half, are organised Open Meetings, in which, together with the authorities, representatives of the industry, academics and experts, as well as civil society.

The Closed Session debate topical themes and relevance in the field of data protection and privacy. As a result of such debates adopts statements and resolutions, which may also be based on proposals of its members or in reports submitted by its working groups.