Agencia española de protección de datos


At european level data protection is framed as a fundamental right of citizens. The main rule in this field is the Directive 95 / 46 on european union. But before, already in 1981,, the council of europe had adopted the Convention 108on the protection of persons, which is the only binding international instrument on data protection.

Both texts are undergoing revision processes aimed at updating to take into account the consequences of technological developments, the globalization of trade data and, in the case of the directive, the legal and institutional changes which resulted in the entry into force in 2009 of the lisbon treaty.

The commission presented in january 2012, two proposals for new normative acts. a Regulation General data protection and Data protection directive on police cooperation and judicial . Both texts are being dealt with in the ordinary legislative procedure, with the participation of the council and the European parliament.

The Convention began its reform in march 2010, from a decision of the committee of ministers of the council of europe. The Consultative Committee of the convention developed a technical proposal that is being discussed at a political level, within an Ad Hoc panel.

The prominent position of data protection in europe, reflected in its consideration as a fundamental right and the existence of numerous regulations that regulate both broadly as in specific sectors, is also reflected in the diversity and importance of agencies, structures and cooperation clusters.