Agencia española de protección de datos

The protection of personal data has an important international dimension. In the european environment, national legislations are based on standards of the union or the Council of europe, which makes it indispensable communication and cooperation in the interpretation and application of national rules incorporating european law. At global scale, the transnational exchanges of data have grown exponentially in recent years. This has accentuated the need to find approaches in national legal frameworks and regional, as well as promoting bodies and mechanisms for collaboration that will make these flows of data ensuring adequate levels of protection.

The Spanish Agency of data protection has attributed the role of international cooperation in matters of data protection and participates, as independent authority, in a wide range of international fora.

The more intense activity in this area focuses on the scope of the european union, where the AEPD is present in all working groups and authorities control joint, including those relating to police and judicial cooperation, incorporated as the competence of the union in the Lisbon treaty.

Also participates in ad hoc committees of the council of europe, at international conferences and, lastly, diagrams of bilateral or multilateral cooperation with other authorities of foreign control.

A priority objective of AEPD working with all the countries of ibero-america to be for several years are engaged in processes of elaboration and development of regulatory frameworks in the field of data protection.

Through the documentation of this website may be found legislation and other texts of interest on data protection in the international Area.

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