Agencia española de protección de datos

AEPD the Clan and encourage good use of the internet and social networks among youth

The characters ‘ Big Band Clan conceited countries' a digital education campaign which has worked the spanish agency of data protection, which includes videos promoting the value of privacy.

  • The parts provide advice on the thumbprint, the importance of decommissioning the meeting when shared computer, the consequences of publishing pictures own or third, or risks. unknown contact through the network

(Madrid, 15 june 2016). The Spanish Agency of data protection and Clan child, the channel of RTVE, are collaborating in a digital education campaign to disseminate a responsible use of the internet and social networks among the very young. The parts promote privacy as a key factor when using new technologies and were being waged by the characters of the series of fiction 'Big Band Clan'. Videos shall be issued throughout the summer and will be accessible through the website of Clan and page under the agency, which will incorporate these levels to its section of videos promoting its dissemination.

Issues such as the thumbprint, the importance of closing the meeting when using a shared computer, the consequences of publishing pictures own or third or risks. unknown contact via the internet are addressed in these parts being waged by brief characters child the fiction ‘ Big Band ’. Clan

Collaboration between the spanish agency of data protection, Clan and equipment of the series places the information, prevention and awareness-raising as essential elements for effectively protecting minors, a group were particularly vulnerable to the risks of new technologies. The campaign aims to reinforce their education digital, to be aware of the advantages and opportunities of different internet services, but also the dangers must learn to detect to react appropriately.

Content of the parts

Ana, Leo, Sara, Marta, professor Einstein and the robot Frank commits these brief pills that salpicarán Clan grille. In a user-friendly way and entertaining warn of the risks of publishing all in social networks and then repent although it began may seem amusing (Careful what share); show the importance of assessing data via the internet and learn to certain suspicious promises, presents (Careful with personal information that facilitas to persons unknown); or tackle the importance of concluding meeting when used internet services shared in computers (Ten careful always close your meeting in the computer). These and other videos with advice on data protection and responsible use of the internet are available on the website of ‘ Big ’ Band Clan.

To deepen in each of the contents as presented by the characters of Big Band Clan end in, these Ana, the protagonist of the series, pre-positioned young people to enter the site You decides on the internet, where they can consult councils for protected in the network or learn while Pandijuegos enjoy with. the site also includes content for parents and teachers, figures essential to adequate education of minors.