Agencia española de protección de datos

AEPD the investigation proceedings by data communication among Whatsapp and Facebook

The pre-trial review investigation if the communications of personal data undertaken between Whatsapp and Facebook, and treatment generates this communication, respect the spanish legislation on data protection.

(Madrid, 5 october 2016). The Spanish Agency for the protection of Data has initiated automatically research pre-trial to consider communications of personal data undertaken between Whatsapp and Facebook, as well as the processes which such communication. These actions are aimed at examining whether points spanish respect the law on data protection as well as to identify, where appropriate, the corresponding responsibilities.

Research will focus, inter alia, in what information to users of Whatsapp is collected and sent to Facebook, the purposes for which is used, retention periods, or the options offered to users to oppose the treatments of his/her personal information.

Last august WhatsApp updated the terms of your service and the privacy policy, changes on the way in which the personal information of their users. the AEPD, as it usually when concerns with regard to the impact that certain products or services may have on privacy and data protection of citizens, whether then announced that it was investigating the changes introduced by the company.

The action of the spanish agency is online and will be coordinated with similar initiatives of data protection authorities such as germany, italy or uk, while each acts exercise the powers conferred on it by their respective national law.