Agencia española de protección de datos

Consultation of the content of the registration

La información está actualizada a las siguientes fechas:


- Ficheros de Titularidad Pública:  21/05/2018

- Ficheros de Titularidad Privada: 21/05/2018

The information to be made public in this catalogue correspond to the information that the person in the file has now notified the General Registry of data protection in the following paragraphs: responsible for the file or service before which can be brought the rights of opposition, access, rectification and deletion, identification, registration code, purpose, intended uses in the file, origin and origin of the data, including the collective of people on the derived personal data, data types, structure and organization of the file, security measures and, where appropriate, the recipients of divestments and / or international transfers of data, as well as the information provided in paragraph of chargé treatment. In addition, in the case of files of public ownership, shall be published data relating to the general provision of establishment, modification or deletion of the file.

To this end, the person who has submitted the latest notification relating to the registration of the file or the person who has been duly authorized by the responsible for the file may be identified through their digital certificate of signature.

Finally, it may request a copy of the registration or codes of registration allocated at the initial registration in the file, as well as a copy of the resolution file registration, by letter addressed to the Spanish Agency of data protection, C / Jorge Juan, 6, 28001-MADRID, signed by the person representing the responsible for the file or through Headquarters Electronically.