Agencia española de protección de datos

How to access

Through this option may consult the status of notifications sent via the Internet through the system Note.

If the authentication is conducted through digital certificate shall be obtained from the same the tin declarant, otherwise, it will need to provide the tin of the declarant and the code of dispatch or the code for registration. In Addition, in the case of who want to take more restricted consultation may indicate any criterion of consultation By pressing the button. ‘ Searching ’ will begin consultation (without any criterion will show a message to specify any search criterion).

If in the notification that wants to consultation not entered the tin of the declarant, as it is not binding, we cannot have access to information on the status of the consignment.

As a result of the search shall obtain the relationship of shipments that may be consulted. The selection of one of them is a page detailing the specific information on that dispatch.

For each consignment will show the following information:

  • TIN declarant
  • For CIF
  • File name
  • Type of operation
  • Code of dispatch
  • Date of dispatch
  • Code of registration. If the file has been registered
  • Registration number of Entry. If the notification has already been registered at the AEPD.
  • Date of registration of entry.
  • Registration number of exit. If the notification was processed
  • Date of registration of exit. If the notification was processed.
  • State. (Still waiting to receive Road request, Recorded, Processed)
  • Description mistake. If the notification sent contained errors