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Help tool RGPD

Facilitates _ RGPD

The General Regulation of data protection (RGPD) starts to apply on 25 May 2018. With the aim of facilitating the adequacy to RGPD to companies and professionals (makers responsible or treatments) to treat personal data of low risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals, the Spanish Agency of data protection puts his disposal the tool Facilitates _ RGPD.

Facilitates _ RGPD it is a tool that is easy and free. After his execution, the data provided during the development of the same are removed, so that the agency Spanish Data protection in no case can know what information has been provided.

It has been designed as a useful resource for any company or professional, since with just three screens of very specific questions allows who uses assess their situation with regard to the processing of personal data that conducts: if adapts to the requirements to use Facilitates _ RGPD or if you must perform a risk analysis.

Facilitates _ RGPD cannot be used for treatments involving a high risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals, as data of health or mass treatment of data, among others.

The tool creates various documents adapted to the particular company informative clauses that must include in their forms of stealing personal data, contractual clauses to append to contracts for responsible for treatment, the registration of treatment activities, and an annex with guidance security measures deemed minimal.

Facilitates _ RGPD is designed for companies who seek personal data of low risk, e.g., personal data of customers, suppliers or human resources.

Please note that Facilitates _ RGPD is a help and therefore the resultant documentation should be updated and adapted to the situation of the treatments that are carried out in their entity. Obtaining documents does not imply compliance RGPD automatic.

MAY help tools

With the aim of facilitating the fulfilment of the obligations contained in the organic law of data protection (MAY) and its development Regulations (RLOPD), the Spanish Agency of data protection (AEPD) puts at the disposal of users various tools and utilities that aim to facilitate compliance.


EVALUA is a tool that the AEPD puts at the disposal of those responsible of files, easy to use, free and that maintains the anonymity. Its use enables companies and administrations assessing the degree of fulfilment of the organic law of data protection.

Through a self test based on questions with multiple response, this tool provides answers to the doubts that are usually face those handling personal data. His cumplimentación can take between 45 and 60 minutes. Once completed generates a report with indications and resources that guide, in its case, to comply with the MAY.

The programme consists of two levels: the first is a basic test to determine the level of compliance with the data protection regulations, while the second allows you to easily verify if you meet with security measures required in each case.


The Spanish Agency of data protection facilitates to organizations that must notify publicly owned files the tool AVAILABLE to help those responsible to prepare the general provision or agreement of creation, modification or deletion of files.

Includes examples in each aparatados to complete that are useful to proceed to the description of the files.


Likewise, it offers a MODEL for the development of document security. You can access the model and download it directly on your computer and edit it according to your needs.


The Telematic system notifications to the filesystem AEPD ( NOTE ) includes predefined models for notification of certain files type both public (Agenda, access Control, payrolls, roll, registration,...) and private (Customers and / or suppliers, human Nóminas-recursos, communities of owners, Videosurveillance,...).


  • Web of the CCN-CERT addressed to the public administration where are available various resources related to information security such as notification of security issues, tools of risk analysis and various resources oriented to the fulfillment of the National security scheme.
  • Website of cyber Institute (INCIBE) where is available diverse material aimed at protecting and autonomous differentiated from normal consumers, such as tools for the AUTODIAGNOSIS function or training on cybersecurity.