Agencia española de protección de datos

Registration of Files

The General registry of data protection is the body of the Spanish Agency for data protection to which ensure publicity for the existence of the files and treatment of personal data, with a view to making possible the exercise of rights to information, access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of data regulated in articles 14 to 17 of the organic act 15 / 99 of 13 december, of protection of Personal data.

Are subject to registration in the General security rights registry. Data protection:

  • The files of public administrations
  • The files privately-owned
  • Authorisations international transfers of personal data to countries not providing a comparable level of protection which LOPD the referred to in art. 33.1 of the aforementioned Law.
  • The type codes , referred to in article 32 of the LOPD.
  • Data on files, which are necessary for the exercise of rights to information, access, rectification, deletion and opposition.

For the initial registration in the file and, where appropriate, the subsequent amendment or abolition of registration, is available in Electronic headquarters of the spanish agency for the protection of Data Electronic Service NOTE through which applications for registration of files in the General register of data protection (approved by resolution of the AEPD of 12 july 2006 B.O.E. 181 of 31 july).

This form for presentation of free of notifications via the Internet with certificate of electronic signature. In the absence of a certificate of electronic signature, can also provide notification via the Internet, which shall submit to the agency the road corresponding request for the shipments made duly signed.

It allows so notify simplifiedfiles private ownership of communities of owners, customers, prescription book book of the offices of pharmacy, patients, school management, salaries, human resources and videosurveillance and those of public ownership of human resources, roll management, management economic or access control. Through this option, the electronic form shows a notification precumplimentada which may complete or, where appropriate, adapted to the specific situation in the file to be notified. In the event that none of the notifications type provided by AEPD being adapted to the file that seeks to notify, may select the option of notification normal.

In addition, for those responsible to use their own software or aplicativos developers of data protection, are available the formats and XML specifications to honour their applications to send notifications to the AEPD.

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