Agencia española de protección de datos


On the responsible for the file or fall treatment the main obligations established by the LOPD and it is up to ensure compliance with the law in its organisation. among other should:

Registration of files

  • * Notify The files to the General Registry of data protection, for their registration.

Data quality

  • * Ensure that the Data are appropriate and reliable, obtained lawfully and legitimately treaties and proportionate to the purpose for which they were collected.

To secrecy

  • * Ensure compliance with the Duties of confidentiality and security.


  • * Inform Holders of personal data in the collection thereof.

  • * Obtain consent For the treatment of personal data.

    Attention of the rights of citizens

    • * Facilitate and Ensure the exercise of rights Opposition to processing, access, rectification and cancellation.

    • * Ensure that their Relations with third To provide services, involving access to personal data, it complies with LOPD.

    • * Comply, where appropriate, with Sectoral legislation To which it is subject.